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Since 1989

Established in 1989 and with more than two decades of experience, BCS Computers is an authorised dealer for many of the world’s largest and most respected technology and software manufacturers. We build our own range of highly specified machines to suit the needs of our customers whether they are private individuals or expanding businesses.  With our showroom, workshop on-site, competitive prices and honest sales advice you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

Our Services and Solutions

We have been providing a vast array of IT solutions  and services for home and corporate users for over two decades. Below is just a small selection of what we can do for you.

Cloud Computing

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. It allows companies to access their information virtually meaning, as long as you have an online connection, business can be done anytime, anywhere.


Businesses need a connection which is fast, reliable and wide-reaching to make the most out of their devices. We are experts in networking and, whether you are a hotel, care home or a traditional office space, we can provide your employees and your customers with a secure, strong and stable internet connection.

Virus Protection

The first step to combatting viruses is protection. The UK’s 5.4 million small businesses are collectively attacked more than seven million times a year according to the Institute of Directors. At BCS Computers we help you to protect your valuable data from cyber criminals with tailored solutions and constant monitoring.


Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is the process of keeping a server’s software updated and running efficiently so that your business’ computer network can operate effectively and avoid costly downtime or any loss of data. BCS’ regular maintenance checks will keep your server performing as it should to help avoid a partial or total network failure.


We all want to sleep assured knowing our properties are safeguarded from criminals but as crimes become more sophisticated and with the rise of insurance fraud, businesses need to have security systems they can rely on. Our CCTV solutions allow you to view live camera feed from anywhere in the world and store footage as and when you need it.

Data Transfer

Businesses cannot function without their data, no matter their industry a company relies on the information it stores to operate. This is why protecting, transferring and backing up your data is so important because once it’s gone, there’s a high chance it’s gone forever. In addition to data transfer and back-up we are experts in data recovery.



Software makes our lives easier, simpler and more productive but finding, maintaining and upgrading your business’ software can be a minefield. There’s an array of options available to you at an assortment of different costs but, rest assured, our knowledgeable team will help you choose which is best for your business.

Repairs & Upgrades

Timing is never perfect in life so we know things goes wrong at the most inopportune moments. With our Torquay workshop and readiness to come out on sight, our engineers are apt at repairing your devices whether they’re laptops, PCs, printers or tablets and performing upgrades.

Wi-Fi Installation

Staying connected no matter where we are is now crucial to the way we live our lives. We have more devices than ever, spend greater hours online and seem to spend our life on charge, so strong, reliable and fast broadband is the top of everyone’s wish list. Our engineers can get you surfing the web in no time by installing the correct solutions to suit your needs.

Data Recovery

Think you’ve lost it all? Don’t panic. In most cases BCS Computers’ skilled engineers are able to recover valuable your data and save it from malicious attacks, accidents or theft.

Screen Replacement

Accidents happen but you don’t have to put up with the damage. With a Torquay workshop and a team of knowledgeable engineers, we can replace your laptop or monitor screen with ease.

Printer Repairs

As the area’s only authorised Epson Express Centre and with competitive labour costs, BCS Computers can fix your printer, give it a clean and get it back up and running effectively.

Hosted PBX

Allow your business to make, receive and manage calls easily and affordably over the internet by speaking to one of BCS Computers' skilled engineers today.  Unlike traditional PBX systems which require bulky hardware on-premises, a virtual PBX system is hosted securely in the server of your VoIP provider.

Hosted Exchange

Would you like to access your emails, address book, business or personal documents and manage tasks from anywhere in the world? Do you work on the go and need a reliable connection? It's a cost effective solution for both home and business users who want to maximise their efficiency.

Virus Removal

Unfortunately, cases of cyber crime are rising and hackers are no longer just targeting the larger corporations. If you suspect you’ve been a victim, waste no time in contacting us today. Our experts will remove any corruptions and restore your device back to working order.

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Our Business Support

By choosing to lean on us for all your business' needs you'll be given accurate, cost-effective and reliable IT support whenever you need it. With one of our pre-agreed service levels you can plan and budget effectively without ever compromising on service. We have three support options available to you and they are briefly detailed below.

Pay As You Go

This is our on-demand or ad-hoc support with business clients simply calling us as and when a problem arises or when they need advice. For many start-ups and expanding businesses our Pay As You Go support suits their needs however if you are a larger company with more integrated systems our contract support or our fully managed service would be better.

Support Contract

As businesses grow and systems become more integrated, reliability is essential and BCS Computers’ support contract ensures that. Server based networks require maintenance and monitoring, data needs to be backed-up and checked, and with a pre-agreed service level you know that when an issue arises one of our expert engineers will be on hand to resolve the issue.

Fully Managed

Our trained engineers act as your in-house IT department. Not only do we maintain your existing computer network, we actively thwart any threats to you and your customers’ security, upgrade software and infrastructure but also make real-time decisions on your behalf acting as the main point of call for your other IT and communications related suppliers.

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BCS Computers is partner and stockist of the world's leading technology giants so you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for through us. Our team provides expert advice on all devices from laptops, desktop PCs and printers to software and more.


Laptops have become an integral part of our day to day lives so whether you need one for work or for home BCS Computers has access to around 1200 different models from the leading brands such as Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can order it in so give us a call today.

Desktop PCs

We have been building custom machines for twenty five years, tailoring them to the needs of home and office users. They are fitted with the latest technology and components from the world’s leading manufacturers including Intel™, Gigabyte™, Kingston™ and Seagate™.


As the area's main dealer for printers from Canon, Epson, HP, Kyocera and Oki,  our team can advise you on a product to suit your budget and needs whether you’re a business or a home user.  We carry a selection of printers in stock but will always price up and supply other models to order.

Inks & Consumables

We supply official ink and toners for the main manufacturers such as Epson, HP and Kyocera. Most inks and toners we carry in stock but, if not, we will order in for next day delivery. As an Epson Express Centre we are extremely competitive on price and promote the higher capacity cartridges.


At BCS we sell a wide range of everyday software such as Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus packages through to specialised CAD software, Adobe Premier Pro and more. We keep the most popular software in stock but for specific requirements we will order in on a back to back basis.


Whether it’s a replacement mouse or graphics tablet, BCS Computers can source and supply a varied range of accessories and specialised equipment at very competitive prices so give us a call today and if we haven't got it in stock we will order it in.

To see a longer list of what we can supply please refer to the navigation bar at the top of the page or pop into our showroom and speak to a member of our team today.


The Full Package

Want an all-in-one solution for your IT needs? Our trained team are ready to equip you with just that, so take a look below and get in touch!

Home Office

As companies become more flexible when it comes to working hours and more of us are founding our own start-ups, having a modern home office is essential. Creating a space which encourages you be more productive is invaluable and BCS Computers is on hand to support your tech needs with powerful PCs, networking, VPN set-up and more. Speak to one of our technology experts today to create your perfect work environment.


Embarking on a new journey in September or struggling to write essays on a slow, outdated laptop? BCS Computers have cost-effective solutions for hardworking students. Our advice is honest, reliable and are sales knowledge is second to none. We can provide the whole student package from new laptops, specialist software, such as CAD, and printers to virus removal and data back-up and recovery.   We also have easy drop off and collection.


We all love to indulge in our hobbies and BCS Computers is on hand to help you further your interests, whether it’s photography, design, writing or gaming, by providing you with fast systems, hardware upgrades or specialist software. We stock the world’s leading brands including Adobe ™ , Microsoft ™ and Intel ™ so give us a call or send us a quick email to see what we can do for you today.

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