Hosted Exchange

Are you a business owner who is concerned about your in-house exchange server going down? Are you often on the go and want to stay in touch withwork? Do you want to access your emails on multiple devices? Do you want them to sync faster and better? Then a hosted exchange platform will do just that.


Choosing to switch to a hosted exchange platform has many benefits for you and your business. It will allow you to be always be up to date, give you the ability to access to your emails, calendar and contacts on all major browsers and across a range of devices. Moreover, it protects your mailboxes with real-time anti-malware and anti-spam filtering. BCS Computers' hosted exchange solutions will protect your valuable data from being lost and is fully expandable on a per mailbox basis.


With round the clock monitoring of your server the chance of it going offline is slim - 0.1% actually.


Interested in moving to a hosted exchange platform for your business? Then give BCS Computers a call today and speak to one of our skilled engineers to discuss your requirements.