Virus Protection & Software Corruptions

Cyber attacks are a genuine threat for both businesses and individuals hence protecting against them is vital for saving yourself and your valuable data from any potentially disastrous results. Criminals don’t just attack banks and publicly traded companies they actively target any individual or business which isn’t properly protected no matter the size nor sophistication of your computer network.

In the UK one in four businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months.

At BCS we use various software tools to remove viruses, spyware, adware and correct any software corruptions. However in some cases your computer system may be beyond the point of no return and in which case a full software re-installation is required. We will put your system back to a working state by backing up your important data and re-installing your operating system and any software which you provide us. This includes a block copy of your data to a folder called 'oldhdd' whilst your 'My Documents' and 'Favourites' are copied back to their respective folders.

Please note: as part of this process we will keep your data for two weeks.

To ward off threats you must keep your systems up to date and BCS Computers can help. Call us today to save an attack happening tomorrow.